What to bring to a first meeting with your accountant? Posted on Aug 29, 2019

If you are running a small Incorporated business or a sole proprietorship, likely all your accounting needs are performed by one person who is your bookkeeper, accountant, tax consultant.

So, your first year ended, and you need to provide information to your accountant. What do you bring? Here are main points from a checklist I provide to my clients:

  1. Articles of incorporation.
  2. A business number from CRA 
  3. All letters received from CRA. Access codes.
  4. Bank statements of the corporate bank account for the entire year + a month after year end. Ideally in Excel.
  5. Credit card statements for the entire year. Ideally in Excel.
  6. Listing of out of pocket expenses. I provide a checklist of the popular ones and a spreadsheet to populate but here are the typical ones: car driven for business, home office, meals and entertainment, travel, supplies.